You Have to believe it to see it...

There are two sides of manifestation as it relates to belief:

  1. You’ll believe it when you see it.
  2. You’ll see it when you believe it.

Which side of the coin are you?

So often, people who embark on the path towards conscious manifestation want proof that they really are as powerful as someone like me expresses. Have you tried to prove Becoming true or untrue? Have you tried to acknowledge your power in appearances and circumstances, but keep seeing more of what inspires Emotional Charges within you?


  1. Appearances and circumstances you’re in reaction to must remain in your dream until you’ve sincerely acknowledged your power (and therefore drained the energy or reaction from your Emotional Charges).
  2. Appearances and circumstances that keep popping up in your dream are only doing so because you keep giving away your power to them.
  3. An illusion can only exist if you believe it and give away your power to it.

No exceptions.

Belief plays such a huge role in what appearances you’re playing with RIGHT NOW, doesn’t it?

As you buy into the notion of being an individual, separate from all that is, your attention becomes a tool that creates your beliefs. In return, your beliefs direct your attention, thus beginning the process of playing with limitation (infinite into the finite). As a result, the illusion of a cause & effect reality that’s separate from you becomes more and more tangible.

In this amazing dream of consciousness, your beliefs are being effortlessly played out around you all the time, endlessly. However, when you’re accustomed to believe that the power exists out there, you perceive life is happening to you.

Becoming doesn’t teach you how to manifest (e.g. Law of Attraction, The Secret). Quite the opposite in fact. Becoming communicates the message that you have always manifested in your dream (reality) everything you see, have, smell, touch, and believe. Your attention is the observer (consciousness) at work effortlessly CHOOSING the appearances you‘re playing with.

You aren’t attracting through the universe; you are the universe and everything in it, including the belief in Law of Attraction, God, or limitation.

I call acknowledging your power “the last belief,“ because when you wake up inside your own dream, you no longer need or rely on belief to point your attention (and therefore manifest your experience). Indeed, on the other side of belief is the willingness to surrender and simply allow possibilities to organically flux in and out of your experience.

In the absence of belief, there are no longer any stories you attach to your identity, because you aren’t just an individual; not any more. You are everything and everyone in your dream. When you dissolve the illusion of separation (belief), you have the freedom to explore your dream from your unique vantage point, but without the identity-learned limitations that inevitably come with belief.

Again, Becoming doesn’t teach you how to manifest. You have always manifested at will; you’ve just given so much of your power away to the dream that you’ve convinced yourself everything is happening out there without your input.

You do have to believe it to see it… when you’re giving away your power to appearances and circumstances.  How about opening yourself up to the possibility that limitation doesn’t need your attention any more?

Stop telling stories about limitation. Stop playing the role of victim. This is your Hollywood of Consciousness major motion picture! Really read those last three sentences. Really hear the words you are communicating to yourself through this article.

Start RIGHT NOW declaring your unlimited Natural State. I don’t care if it feels like a lie. Just do it. Keep acknowledging your power every time you feel an Emotional Charge when limitation affects you. Give yourself the freedom to unapologetically own your experience when you pop an experience into your dream that doesn’t feel good. No explaining, no excuses.

Your beliefs need to receive food in order to survive. When you acknowledge that you are seeing what you believe (taking the mystery out of what you‘re manifesting into form RIGHT NOW), you’ve simultaneously positioned yourself to ride that wave of endless change towards the unbelievable.

Remember, you can’t take who you are RIGHT NOW with you… if you acknowledge who you really are. That means if you’re dependent upon what you see to manifest what you want, you’ll always prove to yourself that limitation just is, because you’re allowing your attention to constantly empower your present circumstances. You can’t react to your present circumstances AND create what you want simultaneously. They are exclusive acts of manifestation when you‘re waking up from the dream.

When you create the belief that your attention is creating the sensations (emotion) you’re experiencing, (acknowledging your power), you are simultaneously clearing away what you’ve previously empowered through reaction. In doing so,  you can see one step further than was apparent previously because your attention is no longer infatuated by the same appearances. You are literally creating change by CHOOSING not to believe what you see, dissolving limitation, and therefore closer to popping into your experience your unlimited nature.

You have to believe it to see it is really just another way of saying, “there’s more than what’s apparent.” When you openly acknowledge anything is possible, creating your experience is more about clearing away your limiting beliefs and CHOOSING where you direct your attention. The next step will always reveal itself, with or without your belief. The real question is: Will you allow yourself to see it?


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